Sunday, 2 September 2012

Happy Ruby Anniversary Mum & Dad

40 years ago today my parents got married. 40 YEARS!!

Many happy returns to my lovely parents xxx

Sunday, 12 August 2012

So, what's new?

Well hello there!

Its been awhile I know, but I do have some valid reasons. I spent 2 weeks in the south of France on holiday and last week I got the keys to my new house! So, its been busy busy busy!

Here are afew snaps from my lovely, relaxing time in France;

While in France I picked up some gorgeous little treats, which I shall do a blog post on soon.

Im very excited about setting up my new home and hope to share this journey with my blogger! So, stay tuned!!!


Friday, 29 June 2012

Playing the waiting game.

Ive been constantly worrying about my blood test results - Will my B12 be high enough so I dont need injections? I hate having my blood taken and I hate injections. The thought of them scares me normally, so thinking that I might need to have injections for the rest of my life is frightening.

I phoned the doctors to see if my results had come back, but apperentley they wont receive them as only my consultant will get them? Strange. Anyway, I phone up my consultants secretary and she cant tell me the results and says I need to wait for him to write to me. WRITE TO ME? But thats going to take days.....weeks....!


So, here I am - sitting around fretting about the results. Everyday running to the letter box to collect the post to find another day has passed and no sign of the letter.
Waiting has to be the worst thing in the world.

Anyway - no news is good news, right?

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Today Russ and I spent the day at Wells-Next-The-Sea. Its a beautiful sea village/beach in Norfolk, and a place where we will soon be moving to, as Russ starts his new job there in September.

We're very lucky :) It was such a hot day, and as you can see it was very cloudy but we still got sun burnt, Opps.

Im think Im going to frame the above photo to put in our 'beach themed bathroom', or maybe on a big canvas for our lounge. What do you think? I love it, its definately my favourite photo at the moment. The colours are just gorgeous.

Ah, is there anything better than sand between your toes??

Graze Box

Have you heard of Graze box? Ive been handed SO many 'sign up and receive a free graze box' leaflets, that I finally gave in.

I thought Id give it a go because Im always snacking. haha. I cant remember what was in my free box, but it was so yummy that I carried on my subscription, so please try it out!

These were so lovely. Nuts with dark chocolate :) mmm

I really disliked the focacia! It didnt appeal to my taste buds, but Im sure somebody will enjoy it. Whats good about Graze box is that you can 'Bin, Try, Like, Love' a product, so I have binned the above and know I wont receive it again. Bonus!

I thought I would hate this, but it was surprisingly yummy. Very tasty and a nice treat to snack on.

If you fancy giving it a go, use my above code to receive your FREE box. Its easy! You do have to sign up with your bank details, but once you have received your free box, you can cancel straight away and wont be charged. It is easy to cancel too, as my friend from work did just that, with no problems.


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tired and Spotty

I have been so tired recently. Its been beyond crazy. I would wake up after a lovely, long nights sleep and feel utterly awful. Infact, I would feel as if I hadnt slept at all. This went on for afew days, and utterly drained me.

Yesterday was much better, I woke up feeling 'normal'... not tired, nothing! This is a rubbish side effect, as I dont think people understand that I can be tired, even after a good nights sleep and from doing nothing. I would like to point out - I am not lazy.

Another side effect Im currently suffering with is spots. This is due to my tablets - Pentasa 1g twice a day.

I feel like a 12 year old starting pubity... whats worse is that I never had acne or spots during pubity, so this is very annoying for a 25 year old!!

I also had a blood test to find out whether or not Im going to need B12 injections. This is something I really hope to not need, as Im abit of a wuss with injections. Getting the results back tomorrow (hopefully), so please keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Crohn's Disease

As my previous post states - I have Crohns Disease. Sometimes when I tell people this, they give me a very blank look, followed by 'Oh right'.

Now,  Im guessing these people think - 'oh my god, what is THAT?'

So, here is some infomation about Crohns which I think will help to answer this question;

What is Crohn's disease?

Crohn's disease is a condition that causes inflammation of the wall of the gut. Any part of the gut can be affected. This can lead to various symptoms. Crohn's disease is named after Dr Crohn, the person who first described the disease in the 1930s.

What are the symptoms?

  • Diarrhoea is the most common symptom.

  • Pain. The site of the pain depends on which part of the gut is affected.

  • Weight loss that is not intentional is another common symptom.

  • Ulcers. An ulcer is a raw area of the lining of the gut which may bleed.

  • Generally feeling unwell which may include loss of appetite, fever, and tiredness.

  • Anaemia may occur if you lose a lot of blood.

  • Mouth ulcers are common.

    Photo showing colonoscopy results of crohns