Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Graze Box

Have you heard of Graze box? Ive been handed SO many 'sign up and receive a free graze box' leaflets, that I finally gave in.

I thought Id give it a go because Im always snacking. haha. I cant remember what was in my free box, but it was so yummy that I carried on my subscription, so please try it out!

These were so lovely. Nuts with dark chocolate :) mmm

I really disliked the focacia! It didnt appeal to my taste buds, but Im sure somebody will enjoy it. Whats good about Graze box is that you can 'Bin, Try, Like, Love' a product, so I have binned the above and know I wont receive it again. Bonus!

I thought I would hate this, but it was surprisingly yummy. Very tasty and a nice treat to snack on.

If you fancy giving it a go, use my above code to receive your FREE box. Its easy! You do have to sign up with your bank details, but once you have received your free box, you can cancel straight away and wont be charged. It is easy to cancel too, as my friend from work did just that, with no problems.


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  1. I looove graze boxes! I've been getting them a few months now and they're mostly all yummy. The only thing is there are some which I seem to get every week. Don't want to bin as I do like them, but every week?! Jeez, lemme try something new!! :P